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Many Storm victims find they are under paid. We are state licensed advocates who negotiate with insurance adjusters on behalf of policy holders to help them achieve the highest settlements possible. In the Aftermath of a disaster, we are the ones who will be there for you. Our clients, both large and small, all matter to us. Many become our friends, but all are treated like family. Remember the insurance company has their own claim adjuster that works for them and representing their own interests. That inherent conflict of interest alone is reason enough that you too should have your own insurance adjuster, a “Public Adjuster” that works for you and that represents your interests! You can handle a claim without an Aftermath Public Adjuster, however it stands to reason that having a professional in your corner should result in a more positive outcome, less hassle, less worry and the potential for a higher settlement. Let us work hard for you.

  I have 40 + years experience in all phases of the construction industry. 10 years as a F.E.M.A. catastrophic loss property inspector, 19 Years as a catastrophic loss Public Adjuster, 26 years self employed entrepreneur, Real Estate investor, Little league coach, Suicide hotline volunteer, Outdoors man. I have always had a passion for standing up for the underdog & this is just another place in this world, I know I can truly make a positive difference.
Aftermath’s team of highly skilled adjusters have over 50 years combined experience in the field of Public Adjusting and have handled a range of claims from $10,000 residential claims to $25,000,000 commercial claims. Aftermath’s adjusters are accredited by Vale National Training Center in Residential Building Damage Estimating. Aftermath is licensed and bonded by various departments of insurance throughout several states. Our Public Adjusters, Damage Consultants and Insurance Appraisers are able to service almost every city and state in the United States. We operate on a nationwide basis. I am happy to discuss your loss no matter where it is located.
To Dale Robbins; My experience with you & your staff has not only been a surprise monetarily but very pleasant to deal with.The final insurance claim was well above the Homeowners Associations expectations. Thanx for doing all the work for me! Lisa Miller Property Mgr KRJ Management ————————————————– To whom it may concern; I had storm damage from Hurricane Ike, I had saved an article about public Insurance adjusters I found in the news paper shortly after the storm and when I realized my insurance company didn’t seem overly concerned about my situation, I called and Dale Robbins came out the same day I called and took over the insurance claim. I felt very comfortable dealing with them and a very short time later; I had all the money I needed to complete all the repairs. I must say, I was very impressed by the promises they kept with me. They were always available when I called and very knowledgeable when I had questions. I have recommended several of my friends to them and have heard back all good things. I would not hesitate to recommend you all in the future should the need ever arise. (Hopefully no time soon though). Thank you for being there for us. Dick Wright ————————————————– Dear Dale; I can not thank you enough for all that you & Mike did for me and my family. I had been pretty much satisfied with my insurance settlement at first. It was not until I learned that my neighbor had gotten so much more than I did that I began to wonder why. We both had the same coverage and basically the same house. I had never had an insurance claim before so it was all new to me. You were all so nice and upfront about everything, I was immediately at ease. It was so nice to just sit back and know I had the best people available on my case. You were so diligent and knowledgeable, answering all my questions that I had whenever I would call. It could not have been an easier process. And an additional$50,000.00 dollars latter! I now know that although insurance companies may be doing there job, when it comes to claims, there objective is never to give the most possible money I’m entitled. If I ever have another insurance claim, I will call Mr. Dale Robbins before I call my insurance provider. Thanx again for everything.You guys are the best! Heather Cable MORE TESTIMONIALS

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Why use the Insurance company’s own adjusters?

Many Storm victims find they are under paid. We are state licensed advocates who negotiate with insurance adjusters on behalf of you, the policy holder.

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Q: What is a Rockport Public Adjuster?

Rockport Public Adjuster or a Public Insurance Adjuster is an expert on loss adjustment and the recovery process, who is employed by the policyholder, is a highly skilled, professional insurance expert with a vast knowledge of insurance policies, co-insurance, depreciation, building and personal property damage assessments, repair and replacement costs and negotiation. The Rockport Public Adjuster assists you, the insured, in preparing, filing and managing the payment of insurance claims regarding property loss. He works on your behalf.

Q: Why do I need to hire Rockport Aftermath Public Adjusters?


Rockport Public Adjuster representing your interest and fighting to make sure that you are paid every dollar that you are entitled to.

To complicate matters, in light of the recent hurricanes that have swept our region, the insurance companies have been short of staff and there are simply not enough trained professional insurance company adjusters to handle the magnitude of claims that have overwhelmed the insurance industry. As a result the insurance industry has begun to hire individuals who have no claims experience whatsoever. Many individuals who have never even read an insurance policy or have had any claims experience have now been put through an insurance companies “cram course” and within weeks have been made insurance adjusters. Do you really feel comfortable having one of these individuals handling your most important financial asset, your home?

There are several reasons why you may want to consider obtaining help with your claim:

Filing a claim requires a written, itemized statement of your losses. You may not realize what the extent of your coverage is, and the insurance company is not obligated to tell you. Insurance companies operate for profit, so the less money they pay on claims the more money they make. Your insurance company is represented by individuals trained to pay as little as possible; you too have the right to be represented professionally to maximize your policy benefits. The Rockport Public Adjuster will help you identify everything to which you’re entitled.

Filing a claim is a tedious, time-consuming and aggravating process. The Rockport Public Adjuster can take this burden off your shoulders and free you to do what you do best.

The Rockport Public Adjuster has experience and knowledge which can help your position. The professionally licensed Public Adjuster is recognized and respected by the insurance companies.

Professional Representation by your Aftermath Claim Appraiser or Aftermath Rockport Public Adjuster will Result in a Larger Claim Settlement for YOU!

Don’t make costly mistakes! Let us help protect your insurance claim. It only makes sense to have a highly trained professional Rockport Aftermath Public Adjuster.

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